How to add Personalized Touring Plan to my Dashboard

I must be missing something, because I have created multiple Personalized Touring Plans, but they are not linking to each day. They show up in the right hand side bar under “My Personalized Touring Plans”, but when I go to add it to the day - it will only let me “start over” - it brings up the “name” of one of my touring plans", then it wants me to choose all the attractions again. What am I missing ? Help please ! We’re working on fast passes for tomorrow.

Can you help out @len

Hi @stephtaggart

Are you filling in the Date To Optimize Plan for: section when you add the plan to your trip with a date in the range of your trip dates?

Have you tried sending an email to for help?

Good luck

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This is my first time using TP - so this could very well be user error. From the Dashboard for each day of our trip I am going to the “Add plan” and going through the steps and creating a plan. I am putting in the “Date to Optimize Plan for”. Most days I am creating two plans, because I have a child with high functioning AUS and we’re trying to do a morning and afternoon plan and limiting ourselves to specific parts of the park (MK morning TP - Fantasyland and then MK evening TP - Adventure/Frontier land). I like to evaluate the plan. Do I have to do anything beyond that - do I have to publish the plan in order for it to be added to the day ? It’s very strange, some of my plans are added to the day, but not others - but all of them are showing up on the bottom right “My Personalized Touring Plans”. Should there be an option to link a plan that I have already created ? I haven’t sent a message to webmaster because I didn’t know if there is something wrong with my account or if I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated ! Fast pass selection is tomorrow and I’m getting frustrated with myself !

Stop stressing over it. Get your plan in order and get ready for your FPP selection. When that’s done, then worry about it being linked or not.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter if it’s linked. That just makes it easier to find a particular plan if you have a lot of them in your listing. So even if you don’t ever get it linked, just make a note of your title and you’re good for using it.

Hi again @stephtaggart,

Like @Ariadne wrote, you can make your FFP+ reservations without a touring plan so don’t get frustrated.

You don’t need to publish the plan. The plan should link the to the day in your trip based on the dates.

Also, don’t be afraid to contact Touring Plans. They are always willing to help users.

I don’t know if I can be much help other than to suggest that you double check the dates on your plans to make sure that they match your trip dates. I did a couple of tests and I learned a few things that I didn’t know:

  1. You can create two plans for the same park on the same day. (I always used the take a break feature to accomplish this but in your case where you want to be in one area it make more sense to have two)
  2. If you add a plan to a day but set the ‘Date to Optimize for’ to a different date then it gets matched to that day in your trip. If that day isn’t in your trip then it shows in the Personal Touring plans section as you described.

Thank you to everyone - it was user error. The dates were outside of my travel dates. I didn’t realize that it automatically defaults to the month you are in. So I thought I was entering for September 27, but it was July 27th. Thank you to everyone for their help! I should have double checked before I posted on the forum.


Hey you can always ask a question! Just think how many other people will be stuck in the same place and will read this thread and figure it out.


Actually, it’s a good thing you figured that out. It changes the times for your plan. Glad it worked out for you.