How to add more to plan?

I made a plan but I wanted to add a few more things to it. I see how I can add a fp or a meal but not activities.
Also it doesn’t seem like it is allowing time for looking around. It gives me 2 minutes and then I have to leave and go to my next place. What am I doing wrong?

Down near the bottom, right under the “schedule” but before the map, there are buttons that say things like “add a meal” or “add attraction”. Use those.

If you want to build in time to just wander, you can set the walking speed to very relaxed which will probably give you a bit of time to spare and get distracted along the way. And, you can add breaks (“add break” button near the others) to build in down time.

Thanks. What about watching a parade. Is it expected that you can’t watch since you are trying to optimize ride time?

If you add the parade (from the “attractions” button) it will block out the time for you. As long as you have room in your schedule, it will also give you 15 minutes before the parade starts to stake out a seat. So if the parade is at 3pm, you’ll see it has you arrive at 2:45 with a wait time of 15 minutes. All scheduled shows, fireworks, etc. work similarly.