How to add leaving MK to eat into my TP's?

Is there a way to add an entry into my TP if I am going to leave the MK and go eat at Chef Mickey’s? If not how much time do I need to allow for this? Thx

You can add it as a break. I’ve never left the park to eat so I don’t know how long it takes.

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I would add a rest and check leaving the park, then add Chef Mickey’s. I’m not sure what would happen if you just added Chef Mickey’s, though. It might count your travel time. What have you tried?

MK to Chef Mickey is a short trip. You’ll need about 15-20 minutes in transit (walking is about the same as monorail but far more reliable in case of monorail outage), but should allow for time to get to the front of the gates. Looking at my past plans I planned to begin leaving the park about 45 minutes prior to our reservation time. You’ll want about 90 minutes actually at Chef Mickey. Then you’ll have to figure another 20 minutes in transit back to the park (I’ve never gone back from Chef Mickey as it’s always our end of trip hurrah, and we go back to hotel from there). So, you’ll want to insert a break (yes, do mark “leaving the park”) into your plan, then, that is about 155 minutes or so in duration - I like to figure more rather than less to take some pressure off - starting about 45 minutes prior to your reservation time.

Does that make sense?


Excellent! I’ve been trying to do the same thing for Chef Mickeys on our first day! Thank you so much!!

You’re welcome :smile:
No countdown, so getting my fix with stuff like this :wink:

I added it in to mine as a break :slight_smile: I am leaving the park at 5:40 for a 6pm ADR.

Make sure that is when you are walking out of the gates. Not when you are getting off, say, BTMRR at the far end of the park and heading out, because that will just get you to the gates for 6p. You want to be through the turnstiles about 20 mins prior to your ressie.

Oh, another good point! Here’s wishing you a countdown sooner than later🏰

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hubby and I are looking at going to London for our anniversary in November, so we have to skip WDW this year I think. We are looking forward to that, but we are so sad about not getting to the Mouse!

We should be able to establish one after that trip :slight_smile:

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Wow! Nice! I bet that will be amazing!! But how will you configure a TP?:thinking:

Ha! You jest, but I found this amazing site called tripomatic (dot com) that is very much like a touringplans but for cities worldwide! I have been sinking time into that already. It’s pretty fantastic :grin:

I should have known to never underestimate the tenacity of a liner! I hope someday I’ll need that site!! Have a great weekend!

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