How to add free time to TP

When creating TP, it allows for only X amount of time at any attraction. What if we want to stay longer? How do I add time to an attraction, the column is there, but it is full of 0s.


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Probably the easiest way is to put in a break there. I think the “free time” column is more for breaks between attractions, when the program thinks is better to wait until later to do your next attraction - which means you should add more attractions. :wink: For example, if you were done with all your rides by noon except SDMT, and you told the program you were staying in the parks until midnight, it would give you 690 minutes of free time and have you ride SDMT at 11:30 pm, when the line is much shorter.

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I have a plan that has us finished everything by 12:30 or so, though I said we could stay until 4pm. It just stops after that last ride.

I guess I could just add a break when I want more time at a certain attraction. Just seems un-elegant with a system that works so well!

I think that maybe adding the ability to change the amount of time per attraction might make the algorithm much more complex as it would have to take into account all possibilities based on variable user input, rather than just a set time per attraction. I’m not a programmer, but I think that would increase the code exponentially.