How Strict on Kids Meals Ages?

How strict do they make you adhere to the ages on kids meals? My very picky 14 year old niece won’t eat a single thing at Be Our Guest other than what’s on the kids menu but it says for 9 and under. Will they give her a hard time on that? Thanks!!!

I searched previous posts similar to this but the newest was from 2017 so I wanted more updated info.

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I have order a kids meal as an adult without issue. Breakfast and lunch but not dinner.


I have done this at BOG for lunch and they didn’t check kids’ ages because you order at the kiosk before being seated and all guests aren’t necessarily present at that time or at least it is too difficult for the attendant to audit.

If you are at a table service restaurant, you may run into issues if your particular server is skeptical of your kids’ ages. But most probably wouldn’t ask.

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We placed our order online the night before and my 19 year old daughter wanted Crepes and they were only on the kids meal. No one said anything.

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Many people order from the kids menu who aren’t kids.

The only place age would be enforced would be a fixed-price or all-you-care-to-enjoy location. Even then you can happily order whatever you want but will pay the adult price.

Example: my kids are both Disney adults. They are 15 and 11. We dined at Storybook Dining at Artist Point. Both of them had pasta off the kids menu. Poor financial choice as it was mega expensive pasta. And our server warned us as much. But they ordered what they wanted and it happened to be from the kids menu.


Which meal? Dinner is a prix fixe meal so you’ll be charged adult price for a 14yo but I would imagine they’ll let her order a kids meal. Breakfast and lunch wouldn’t be any issue.

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This is my experience as well. For buffets they will charge you per the appropriate age. For a la carte, they don’t care if an adult orders off of a kid’s menu. My wife does this sometimes.

Remember, you could have a party of four and a guest or guest(s) could order nothing or just an appetizer, small salad, glass of water, split entrees, or whatever and the restaurant cannot do anything about it. So, why should they care if an adult orders from the kid’s menu.