How strict is Universal about height restrictions?

My daughters are right at 54" tall when they stand up as straight as possible, so there are several rides at Universal they should be able to squeak onto. Does anyone have any recent experience with whether the ride monitors are super strict about the height or if they eyeball kids as being close enough? We’ve had differing experiences at different theme parks, and it has led to massive disappointment and tears when they’re right at the proper height, but the ride monitor won’t let them on. Thanks!!

I was there in January. My DD7 was right at 48 inches.

The cast members were on their ready to measure her at the entry sign on any attractions with the 48" limit to ride at all or by herself. I don’t think we could’ve snuck by, even if we’d wanted to. They were all very polite and were totally willing to give my daughter a 2nd or 3rd chance. By that I mean at a couple of attractions the cast members were doubtful on their first measurement of her, but when she stood tall with chin up, she just made it (chin up was key). It was pretty clear to me they would NOT have let her ride or ride by herself without making the measurement.

We had measured my daughter at home beforehand and knew she was just under 48" without shoes. So, the measuring signs at the attractions seemed pretty accurate. (Because with shoes, she just made it.)

Also, we had fully prepared my daughter for the few rides that she might not be able to ride, and we made it clear that if she didn’t make it, we would do something else fun instead.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info! Stand tall and chin up will be my mantra all week. And we might need to shop for shoes with thicker soles between now and then… :slight_smile:

yes make sure they are in thick heeled running shoes and not vans or converse…they will be checking

Do those rides early in the day. Your spine does compress a little as the day wears on.

Remember it is for your childs safety and those near them that there is a height restriction. Those workers are not out to ruin your trip but keep everyone safe. Repect the decisions. And teach your children by example to respect those decisions.

Ok getting off my soapbox.

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Just there last week. Had one right at 40 and they checked each ride and even pushed his curly hair down to deny a ride. I actually think they try to account for shoes and make the signs higher. There is a big height sign out front of the park you can measure against, then if one is too short manage expectations on the front end.


Keep in mind the restrictions are for your safety. If DD is on the small side make sure all belts and safety bars are snug. Enjoy your vacation.

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I really tried not to respond to this thread again but lets put this into perspective. Yes rules are rules and the ride restrictions are probably similar to car seats…must fit the seat properly to be safe and must face a certain direction or use one until the neck and head can handle it. If your kid is about 48 inches the restraint part of it is most likely going to be okay. The age at which a kid can handle it mentally or physically (if they are small or tall for their age) should be on the parent. My girls are very tall for their age (13 yr old is 5’10" and my younger girl now 10, was 52" before she turned 7) . They were both too afraid to go on these rides yet they qualified for them way before they were ready mentally and probably physically. So the kid whose parents are below average height, and probably can’t ride these rides until they are much older than my kids, shouldn’t try to slightly improve their height by not wearing flat shoes…Some families may only visit WDW once or twice in a lifetime. Do we really need to tell them that if their kids might be a 1/4 inch too short, but are chronologically older and may have demonstrated that they are willing and capable of going on said ride, that they should not try to meet the requirement? I do agree that your should respect whatever the ride operator says (like the referee in youth sports).