How soon to start working on TPs?

Howdy everyone,

I am 200+ days out from a 10d trip to WDW staying off-site. I am working on some general TPs for the parks. I already know which parks on what days. I only needing 1 in-park ADR. I can have a pretty relaxed TP in general.

However, how soon should I start really getting into the TPs?

Since i can do FP+ in August, I noticed that the personalized TPs can change up much once you input a FP+ time or two. That is, FP change up the plan based o nthe time you get the FP+. So wondering, how much time should I invest now before I get my FP+s? Once I get them(August), I can obviously plan in much finer detail than without.

any tips? anyone else have this first world problem like me :)?


Here is a post that covers when to do various planning tasks:


I haven’t even booked my next trip but I’m planning for it to be next March for my 40th birthday. I already started playing around with plans even though I can’t use the dates yet. I made pretend plans for this March instead. And even though I know things will be totally different it satisfies some of the planning urge until I start planning for real :grin:

Hey … in your trip report didn’t you say no more WDW trips until your kids are done with naps … change your mind already? :slight_smile:

Ummm…maybe? :wink: I have no idea if my son will be napping next year, but if he’s like my daughter then he won’t. But yeah I already had a change of heart! Another lesson learned: wait a little longer before writing a trip report and making sweeping statements like that :laughing:

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My trip isn’t for awhile nov 2020. I have preliminary plans… hotels to books figuring out how many day tickets. Also looking at new restaurants or old ones we want to go back to. Just general stuff right now…

As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Applies to WDW as much as it does loved ones!

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I’m planning for an October trip, so just a little after yours. I’ve already spent a huge amount of time tinkering with TPs. I’m doing this mostly for timing my days - how long from here to there, how long is that show, etc. My goal is to put together a “most-desired” daily plan, then I generally know which ADRs and FPs I should shoot for. My TPs evolve quite a bit throughout this process, especially if I don’t get an ADR or FP I want. I wouldn’t be surprised if I go through 10, 20, maybe even 30 iterations of some of my TPs. The touring plan software is one of the most powerful tools this site provides. Use it!

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And its addicting, really. Its fun to make the “perfect” plan, have everything fit, and then make a change and start all over again.


Thanks everyone. Sounds like i am on the right track. Working through some plans, ideas. Started checking to to see what FP+ are available 30days from now as a very loose basis for what might be available.

@momfourmonkeys yes this is addictive. gotta be careful not to spend too much time.

@brklinck thanks. i had read that. I know I can be over the top on planning in general (nonWDW too) just wanted to make sure I was in-line with “normal range” with PTPs.