How often Universal offers 2 Free Day Promo

How often we get the promotion of 2 free days at Universal Orlando. I am trying to avail this promotion but at the same time its hard for me to get time off before 6/30/19 that is when the tickets have to be used by. Shall I wait and hope that there will be other such promotions?

Are you talking about buy 2 days, get 2 days free? That promo, or similar, I have seen them offer for years. No guarantees…but I think they do it to draw more ilif the Disney crowds.

Yes I am referring to BUY 2 Days and GET 2 FREE. Any idea how often in a year? 4 days in 2 parks is more than enough time?

I see it a lot, however, last year around March/April when we wanted to go, that offer was not offered, and I looked often.

I have been fortunate that every time I look to go to Universal, I have gotten that deal. Or better. But of course they are only going to offer it for the slow times at Universal. So it kind of depends on when you can go. In answer to your other question, I think 3 days at Universal is enough to do everything. 4 days allows you to meander, take in a lot of City Walk, maybe spend some time at your resort. Yes, 4 days is enough.

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