How often to optimise

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I am just wondering with the touring plans… how often do people optimise once they are in the parks?

I rarely do unless we get way off track or make a significant change to our plans.


Once I put everything in and optimize once I never use it again. I reorder stuff so it’s in a more logical order for walking and then use evaluate after that. Once we’re in the parks we don’t touch the plans. We just use them as a guide for what to do next.

We had a really off day at MK a few weeks ago. We ended up at the back of the RD pack with a double stroller so had a 20 min wait at PP before 9am! I optimized after every ride we did. But honestly, after a couple tweaks the TP remained the same throughout the day. I was so happy I optimized though bc it allowed me to still see everything and get to my fpp on time. If your day is going on time then you shouldn’t need to.

honestly, never. I just relied on what I’d learned while planning the trip to make quick, but good, decisions when we got off on timing. worked fine.

Good question. When we were there last year, I initially tried to optimize fairly often, but (1) I couldn’t see my phone well because of the bright sun, (2) my phone couldn’t get signal, and (3) it drained my phone battery constantly searching for signal. After the first few days, I did as advised by OBNurseNH above – only optimizing when way off track or making a major schedule change. I haven’t tried it, and it doesn’t answer your “optimize” question, but someone here recommended making your phone screensaver your current day touring plan. Might be helpful if you are fairly on schedule.

I don’t do that with my touring plan, but I do it with my spreadsheet for each day :speak_no_evil:

when we went the crowd level was predicted 5 but actual 10. I reoptimzed after I saw the rope drop crowd walking up main street. (I will never forget that sight. I turned to my husband and said "“it ain’t no 5”!) Then I only evaluated if we were off or skipped something. A few times I reordered or added something then would evaluate or optimize if the mood struck me

On our last trip, I reoptimized after almost every ride. It may have seemed excessive, but it did keep us in very short lines and it didn’t drain my phone like I thought it might.

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