How often do you see “the kiss goodnight”

Just something I was wondering this morning.

  • Every time we’re in MK “for the night”
  • Once a trip
  • Rarely. Usually can’t make it that long.
  • Saw it once by accident
  • Never - no interest
  • What’s “the kiss goodnight”?
  • never - never could make it that long into the night.

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I’ve never seen it, but not really because I have no interest and I do know what it is so I couldn’t vote. We just don’t have the energy to stay for it! But I couldn’t say rarely because it’s never.

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Fair. Reworked the poll (annnnd apparently wiped the responses) to accommodate.

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never have, but going to do it next trip FOR SURE

Sorry! But thanks!

For what? It’s a legit option. Should’ve been in there in the first place :slight_smile:

Sorry that you lost a response, which was What’s the Kiss Goodnight?, in case you didn’t know.


Well in that case we should probably answer that:


The Kiss Goodnight is a short castle show that plays at park closing on non-event days (At least I don’t think it happens on DAH evenings, I don’t remember, but I know it doesn’t happen on Party nights). The castle turns blue, “when you wish upon a star” begins playing, and eventually a narrator starts. The gist of the message is that they hope you had a wonderful day and that you get home safely. Then, finally, mickey chimes in saying “see ya real soon!”

It is (very likely intended, no doubt )like the end credits of a Disney Movie.


geeze, this poll is making me so sad for you guys. I can’t believe so many of you have never seen it.

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I love it! It usually moves me to tears and makes me nostalgic! (But, admittedly, I have become quite emotional in my old age.)

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I know I planned to see it on my first trip. And I know I stayed way late on our first day at MK. So I feel like I did see it then.

But I couldn’t swear that I have.

Just watched it on YouTube. Pretty sure I did see it. Do they do it every night, including party nights? I’ve not often been at MK at close on a regular night.

I thought they did do it on party nights but @Randall1028 said not.

But your first trip was summer wasn’t it? So not a party night anyway.

I cannot vote because my answer is not on there either (no need to adjust though). I know what it is, but since I have never been to WDW, I have never seen it. I am hoping that I will see it in a couple of weeks though!

Neither the Halloween parties or Christmas party I was at had it happen. Which was a bit sad.

The poll is really for those who frequent WDW. If you need to make a choice though “once a trip” would cover ya. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about why I’ve never seen it since. (Though my first trip was late August and they were doing MNSSHP while we were there. We went to one.)

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Funny part is, I know more about all this stuff than many of my friends who are frequent visitors. AND don’t get me started on DLR…

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I thought it was early summer. Misremembered.

That was last year. Did late June. But DAH was operating and that was the night I did MK.

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I did not vote. I have never seen it. I can make it that late, but there is always something that I want to do more (like find food, or a drink?), so I can’t say I have no interest …