How often are the Crowd Calendars updated?

We are planning a September 2016 trip and I’m wondering if I should still expect changes to the Crowd Calendar or if it’s fairly reliable at this point…



This would be a question for @len

Although I would think being this close, it will remain pretty much the same

The actually projected cl number will not change. However your wait times on optimisation will continue to change slightly as data is added on a daily basis. I suggest optimising weekly until your trip.

ok thanks. My trip days show MK varying from cl 5 to 2. I was originally planning to go on the day that’s now listed as cl 5 - do you think its worth swapping for the cl 2 day? (I’ve only ever been to Disney in busy summer months, so I have no idea what to expect with crowd levels of 5 or 2).

I would make a tp and then copy it and change the dates to get sn idea of differences in wait times over different days Remember cl is ONLY wait times on a selection key rides between 10am and 5 pm. It is not reflective of wait times outside these hours.

that’s a great idea! Thanks!

It shouldn’t change. We just did updates a couple of weeks ago.

Let me know how it works, please.