How much will Free Dining change July crowd levels?

I currently have the bounceback free dining booked for June but am not crazy about the flight times forer the price. I am considering booking the free dining for July instead as it shows crowd levels of 3-5 for my dates in July- July 9-16. June 4-11 shows crowd levels of 7-8. Should I change to July or has TP crowd calendar not been changed to reflect free dining? Help!

Those are the dates in july we are going. I can verify that since the free dining came out, I received an email showing that crowd levels are actually predicted lower. I’m not sure if this will change as it gets closer to July or why the predicted crowd levels decreased. Maybe someone else on here can explain?

Don’t know for sure, although free dining offer suggests Disney is making the offer due to lower than hoped crowds.

I would personally never change my vacation plans soley because of a crowd calendar or because you think crowds may be slightly lower. I mean, ask yourself how many people will now be going in July because of this offer - chances are it’ll be busy. The money savings should be your decision point.

My understanding based on this blog post ( is that the recent changes in CL do not yet reflect an impact of the free dining and other promotions. We have a trip booked later in July and ours went down a tad this time but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back up. We have been in June and July in the past with CL 6-9 and had a blast each time. So, if they end up being low like they are predicting now, I will be pleasantly surprised, but I am not expecting it or super worried about higher CLs.

If crowds wind up being “low” in June and July, isn’t it likely disney will scale back staffing so that ride capacities are lower and wait times longer, as seen last January and now this January? I am expecting a bump in crowds for our July trip, either from the free dining promotion or because disney will adjust staffing. I’ve never actually used a touring plan before this trip, but see it as a necessity this time.