How Much to Tip Bell Staff

Hello - I did a search and saw some conversations about this from back in '14 so figured I should ask again. How much should we tip the bell staff for bringing our luggage from our van to our room? It said $1 per bag back in '14. Our party of six has suitcases, duffel bags, boxes with food items etc. so it’s not really just “per bag” for us.

Last time we were at WDW we tried to cart some of the stuff ourselves (at Beach Club) since it wasn’t just luggage and the bell staff looked horrified and said they would transport it all.

Two days! :fireworks:

I read something more recently that said $1 per bag, $2 for heavy ones. A light wheelable suitcase $1, a heavy box of groceries $2.

$ 1 - $2 per bag. So for average service on 6 bags $8

I agree with any amount from 6-10 dollars!

Thanks all, appreciate the updated info! We got our roll of cash ready :grin:

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TP Blog post on tipping at WDW: