How much to charge? Help me if u r good w $

Hiya happy Friday! Yay! So glad December is over too!
Going in August with a friend. I need help breaking down how much each of us adults pays for the upcoming trip. I want to be fair to myself and to my friend. So we are going in August 2018. It is Me, dgd10, df and her dd’s 13 and 16. Staying std at pop. We will all have 5 day ph. We will have 2 rooms, one for me and dgd and one for df and her 2 dd’s. Sounds simple but it is not. Please help me…looking for @jjt or a cpa or anyone who is good with numbers and finds this sort of mental work fun.
Thank you in advance!
I have free qs dining for my was a bounceback from ladt summer. I am adding df’s 2 girls (juniors) onto my room just so they get fd credits. They will actually sleep in thier mom’s room.
Me and my dgd are staying 8 nights. Df and her 2 girls can only stay the first 6 nights. My 8 night stay with me and 3 junio kids on the room, will net a total of 64 qs credits 64 snack credits and 4 mugs. I promised my df she would get 32 qs meal credits, 32 snack credits and 2 mugs off her girls magic bands. I will keep the other 32 meals, snacks and 2 mugs for me and my dgd to use over the course of our 8 nights

If me and dgd stayed by ourselves in a std pop room for 8 nights w fdqs package and 5 day ph I would pay $2366…but I probably wouldnt do that. I would have to have 4 in room to make fd package ‘worth it’ as apposed to buying discounted non hoppers, discounted room and food oop. So if df wasnt going w I would prob try to get my daughter and a friend of dgd to go w to justify the fd package cost.

If me and dgd stayed 6 nights w fdqs and 5 day ph I would pay $2019

If Me, dgd,and 2 junior kids stay 6 nights w fdqs and 5 day ph price is so close to $3000 I am going to say $3000

But because me and dgd are staying 8 nights (remember df and her 2 teenagers can only stay 6 night) and we have added friend’s 2 kids, the cost for me, and 3 juniors for 8 nights fdqs 5 day ph is $3347

So it is $347 for me and dgd to stay 2 more nights. That is the cost of a room for 2 more nights. The hoppers have already been paid. So after 6 nights, you are just paying for the room but getting 8 more meals, 8 more snacks per night.

Friends room only for 6 nights is $1069. But I sort of expext to get a room only discount in a few months reducing that. But for now I have to use that price to compute costs.
Me and 3 kids are getting 5 day hopper thru room package, but friend bought hers thru Boardwalk for $432.

So…trying to count apples w apples only here, if i add up only the 1st 6 days total cost, it looks like this:
Fd 5D ph 6 nights pop for 4… $3000
6 night room only Pop…$1069
One 5D ph ticket…$432

$4500 Divided by 5 equals $900 per person. I sort of feel like taking the cost for everything…both rooms including cost of fd package for only 6 nights plus cost of 2nd room and 5th park ticket and getting a total and dividing by 5 people makes sense. Then I would pay that number times 2 (me and dgd) and she would pay that number x 3 (her and her 2 kids) but when I do it, it feels wrong. She my calculations below.

For friend: $900 x 3 equals $2700 for my friend. That seems too high! For comparison, They could get a room w tickets and 1 free meal per night per person on the summer meal special for just under $2500
For me: $900 x 2 equals $1800 plus the $347 for 2 extra nights we are staying equals $2147 for me…that somehow seems too low! But I am giving her kids the allotments of food credits for the full 8 nights even tho they are only staying 6.

Should I just charge friend $1069 for room, $432 for ticket and $1000 for her kids on my room? That is about $2500 for 6 night, w 32 meals. That leaves me paying $2347 for 8 nights w 32 meals. Is that fair? I really dont know. That way I am paying about what I would pay if it were just me and dgd w the fd package…but honestly I’m not sure I would get the fd package if it were just me and dgd. It would be cheaper to buy Boardwalk tickets, get room only discount and pay oop for food and use mobile ordering. Me and dgd dont need hoppers…we’ve gone enough. I feel my friend and her kids might benefit more from hoppers. I feel I’m doing this more for my friend who stresses a bit and hasnt been to wdw before w her kids and trying to make it more of an “all in” kinda price for her, with most of her meals covered. And I personally like the luxury of snack credits for everyone. Snack credits force us cheapskates to live a little and stop saying no to our kids…so for that reason I do like the dp.

Also, df is leaving EVERYTHING up to me…planning, booking, fp etc. I originally guesstimated about $2500 to her in the earlier stages of discussing this trip, so I guess part of me feels I shouldnt go over that amt. too. Anyway, I want to be fair. You guys have all the numbers I think. What is the proper way to price this for her and her 2 and me and my dgd??? Im not trying to get a bargain for myself, but not trying to subsidize my friends trip either. I know some of you will feel I am way over thinking this, which is what I do…with everything. I may have issues w overthinking but that is besides the point here, I still need your help lol. Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:

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Oof. :slight_smile:
I’ll try to look through this again later when I have some time and maybe spreadsheet something quickly!


I’m no help but his makes my brain hurt just looking at it. :disappointed_relieved: I don’t envy your situation.

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If I were doing the calculations, I’d start with what would you pay without her children. Forget “it wouldn’t be worth doing”, because you are doing it. That’s just what your cost is without her children. Now, what’s the difference? That plus her room and other expenses is her cost.


OK - so this isn’t just simple math (for many reasons). At the end you noted ‘she is leaving all the planning up to me’ from your post - I think that is probably a good thing

Unless cash is a MAJOR issue - I would make things simple. I honestly have no idea how many people are going and how many are adults and how many are kids. But I would just break it up as simply as possible. As you are sharing rooms etc - if it is 2 adult / 2 kids and you are all staying together and the cost is $1000 - each one of you pays $500. If you are good / hospitable friends towards each other - your friend would surly see that you are doing all the work and will insist on paying more. However whenever we split up complicated items - we just make it simple (for many reasons)

your meals are free due to you going last year. you pay any upgrade cost, plus the cost of your room. your friend pays the cost of her room and the cost of the meals allocated to her.

OK, Here’s my first run at it. First: I agree with Ariadne lets not compare a different package here that you might buy without your friend vs one with, because: complicated.

So let’s stick to your numbers and your thought on how to split: your friend pays $2,500 and you pay $2,347.

Unless I missed something, I think your estimate on how much each of you pays is on the money. (Pun intended.)

If you break the $2,500 down into 3 people over 6 nights, that comes to $138.89 per person per night.
If you break down your $2,347 into 2 people over 8 nights, that comes to $146.69.

At first glance it looks like your friend makes out a little, BUT:

With you splitting credits evenly, she is going to need to pay out of pocket for a few QS meals and snacks and a mug to make up for a small credit shortfall because of her 3rd person. Once you add in those estimated costs, you both end up at the trip costing about $147 per person per night. Below is a simple spreadsheet of the costs.

Costs Table

Does that feel right to you?


I uploaded my spreadsheet to The Google if you’d like to play around with the numbers in that table. I didn’t lock anything down, but you can change red cells in the Google sheet and see how it affects the Net Per Person Per Night amounts…

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This sounds like the making of a Judge Judy episode


Awe! Why would you say that?

She has had a few “shows” re: people “suing” each other about sharing/splitting vacation costs. I realize it’s just a TV show.

I really do hope that the situation is such that your friend sees whatever she owes you and just rounds up, etc. I would also suggest that if she requests any changes etc - that you tell her - this is locked and if you want to make any changes - YOU will have to make them.

I managed a trip of about 30 of us on a cruise. I basically told everyone what cruise we were on and if they wanted to go - book your own. I did manage the meal planning and got us some special dining as we had 12 adults.

We had a great time - however there were times where I felt that people fully expected me to do everything and although no one complained about things - there were times where I got a bit “agitated” - I then had a fuzzy drink so that quickly passed.

It is amazing to me what the dynamics of these get to be. You try accommodate for people and go out of your way to plan (yes we all love that aspect as well - I know) - but then they don’t act as “thankful” as you would expect.

On the other hand we have traveled with people where I have done the planning - the cost came to X and they gave me X+ saying “I know you like to do the planning - but this was just perfect and I know it took you a lot of time to get it right - enjoy a nice dinner out”

I hope your relationship with your friend is the latter

Thanks Tigger. I think our relationship is the better sort you mentioned. We had a long talk on $ yesterday. Prior to the talk, I settled on an asking an even $2500 from her. She feels it is a great deal for her and I agree it is. She is very greatful for my help and planning. I also gave her financial advice on which cc to get if she needs to finance this. She plans to pay in total w her tax refund, but things happen in life so we have made a backup plan for her. She expressed that no matter what happens financially for her, she is doing this trip with her girls w me, so I feel good that we have a backup plan for her. My portion is already paid, so if she doesnt go I just drop her kids from my package and I still go w dgd. So I feel good about where this is at and where this is headed. I expect a small room only discount on her room in the future and I dont plan to share that w her. Her price is set now.
I will be making all adrs. Mostly bog b and lunch as we just have qsdp. I will plan a few ts for oop. Ones where they have inexpensive meals and we can share, like sci-fi, 50’s pt, San Angel, The Plaza. Any other suggestions? We can always cancel the ts adrs if money is tight when the time comes. I dont have much of an agenda this trip because me and dgd have been a few times. I want this to be catered around them and show them a great time and hopefully impress them w my ninja fp skills lol.
I am also happy me and dgd have 2 nights w out my friend and her kids. My daughter (dgd’s momma) will fly in for last 3 nights. I put her on my friends room ressie. So we will have one day with all 6 of us together and 2 days just me and dd and dgd. It feels very good. The 3 of us plan an unrushed day at Epcot WS w no worrying about rides (except for fp for fea of course!) I will save a several of snack credits for that day : ) and a pool day/disney springs.
So I think I have it together for now. Thank you all for listening and your help! But as they say…the best laid plans…we all have to be flexible and go w the flow. ; )))