How much to bring for souvenirs

I’m going to Disney world for three days in May. How much should I bring for souvenirs?

That is entirely a personal decision. They can range in price from a couple bucks each and go up from there.

I don’t buy souvenirs to bring home for people. And i don’t buy anything for myself (except for food and necessities). We spend less than $150 total on our DD6 and that is spread out over 9-10 days. One in park toy last year - $25, one resort gift shop purchase - $50, one Lego set from Disney Springs - less than $20.

I know there are certain things I want. I want at least 50 dollars for the Japan Department Store. I want a new pair of ears ,a pearl and a pin or two

No way answer this. On some trips I’ve come back with nothing more than a Christmas ornament; on others it’s been a couple hundred dollars worth. I generally prefer to eat and drink my extra $$ than to buy t-shirts I probably won’t wear and knick-knacks that I don’t have room for…