How much time will it take to drive within WDW?

How much time should I plan for driving from AKL parking lot to arriving at the front gate of Epcot and DHS? Will 30 minutes be enough?

It is not a long drive but you will have to park, get through bag check/security. I would give myself 40 minutes but I always give myself extra time.

The actual driving time between almost any resort and park is typically 20 min or less. But there may be a back-up going through the parking gates, then you have to park, then walk or take a tram to the park entrance. Then of course there are bag check lines. I plan on an hour. And on the VERY rare occasion that I drive to the MK, I allow 90 min because of the extra steps in taking the mono or ferry across the lagoon from the TTC.

11 minutes according to Google Maps. It’s under 6 miles