How much time to explore Valley of Mo'ara?

I want to explore Valley of Mo’ara at nighttime, since I’ve heard at nighttime is a sight to be seen. How much time do people typically spend in this area? I’m trying to see if I need to change an ADR time. Thank you!

We had a lovely wander round in about 20 minutes which included lots of photo stops.


I agree, 20 min is leisurely. The area is not big at all but it’s worth taking it slow to see all the little details.

20 minutes sounds perfect to me too. We walked through just as it was starting to get dark and I wished we had waited a bit later. So that’s something to consider too.

I seem to be in the minority here…I was in and out in 30 seconds. To me (I am not a nature girl, and had no revelatory experience when viewing the movie), it was plastic plants and splatter paint. YMWPV (Your Mileage Will Probably Vary). The good news for others is that I stay out of the way of the people who really enjoy it. So there’s that! :wink:

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To me, the valley is not as grand as say the MK castle, Epcot Ball, Tree of Life, Everest, Tomorrow land, Toy story land, or Tower of Terror. It’s challenging to recreate a lush CGI wilderness in that amount of space with that level of foot traffic. The mix of artificial & natural wasn’t completely smooth.

At night, the lights look nice and conceal the scuffs on the alien flora but it wasn’t so awesome that my family stopped to wonder at it things and my boys had just watched the movie for the first time shortly before that. I don’t know if it needs much more than a 5 minute walk through.

The indoor areas of Pandora seemed to be much more effectively themed.

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It’s not a huge area. I’m a fan of the film and enjoyed seeing the “land” but if you are riding either FoP or Navi you will see most of what there is to see. Agree 10-20 minutes would be generous. That said we stopped to listen to the drummers and that took time… still 30 minutes tops, I would think.

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