How much time ohana's to MK for fireworks

How long do you reckon I need to have between dinner reservation at ohana’s and MK fireworks. Want to actually be near the castle to see the projections. Currently have dinner at 6.45 but think that is way too tight. Trying to see where I else i could fit them in but makes other days way too long.

What time are the fireworks? I would allow at least 45 minutes,

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they are at 9.15. i have read that ohana are often quite late at sitting people so if we are not seated until 7.15 and dinner takes over an hour i think it is pushing it to be able to see properly. ( we will have already seen the fireworks from cali grill so want to see the projections)

I have timed this. It takes 15 minutes to walk to the DTTC from Ohana’s. It takes 45 minutes to get from the DTTC parking lot, through security, on to the Monorail, through the gate, and to the Castle.

However, in the evening when everyone is trying to get there, you could have to wait for the Monorail up to 20 minutes, and the crowds on Main Street are unbelieveable in the evening. You won’t be sorry if you plan 1 hour and 15 minutes. You could do it in an hour if the conditions are right, but padding the time will ensure you achieve your objective.

Disclaimer: I’m a person that doesn’t like pushing and I like to be places early and not be stressed out. My husband, who doesn’t like to waste a minute, gets antsy when he has extra time, and doesn’t mind running from one location to the other and doesn’t get stressed out, would tell you 45 minutes.

canyou not get the monorail direct from ohana’s at the polynesian? why do you need to go to the TTC?

You do not go to the TTC. You either hop on the monorail ( on the same floor) or go down a floor to the dick and take a boat.


Any of the 3 (4 really if you include the TTC boat) options will work. I’d agree that either the boat or resort monorail is more efficient than either TTC option. The small boat from the Poly is direct to the MK, while the resort monorail will stop at the GF prior to MK. Both the Poly boat & resort monorail are shorter walks as well…

It would be incredibly silly to go to the TTC to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Ohana is in the very same building where the monorail departs from at poly and it’s two quick stops. To get from the poly to Magic Kingdom by monorail takes under 10 minutes. I think you’re 645 reservation is probably fine because figuring you’d be out of there by eight or 815 that gives you 45 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom which is plenty in my opinion and although it’s kind of squishy in the hub you can still find a great spot to watch the fireworks From at that time