How much time does Preferred Parking save?

I’m a little worried about my timings for the day we arrive. We’ll be driving into the parking lot at somewhere between 5pm and 6pm. Would using the preferred parking in this case be a decent time-saver? I have an unrealistically packed schedule and every minute counts!

I’d say maybe 15 or 20 min if you’re coming in late afternoon (less if there at RD) IMHO, if your plan is so packed that 20 min will make a major difference, then you are setting yourself up for a lot of stress and potential disappointment.

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Probably not a lot but it sure makes you feel good and ain’t that the point :wink:

Kidding! I agree with @bswan26

I’m sorry gang, I’m out of the loop on this one. What’s preferred parking and where?

One of the sections of parking nearest the TTC is now designated as preferred parking. It costs $40 compared with $20 for the others.

Thank you @profmatt!! You know I hated that when I last visited Universal Studios… I am not thrilled to hear it’s leaked over to Disney. :cry: