How much planning

OK - since I am on TouringPlans it is reasonable to expect that I am a planner. However I am so over the “over” planning that is necessary at WDW.
We will be at Universal for 2 - 3 days in early April. All days are a 4 of 10
We are staying on site at a deluxe so we have early admission and front of line.
I do plan to take advantage of both.
We will hit Harry Potter first thing in the morning.
How necessary is it to follow a plan after that since we have front of line access etc.
I have planned the hell out of our days at WDW (as you have to) but would really enjoy “just going with the flow” at Universal.
Suggestions ??

Planning for UOR is not as essential as it is for WDW, but I think that some planning is useful, especially when dealing with the HP attractions and a couple of the other big draws (the Minions one and Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket come to mind). Beyond that, in my experience you can pretty much go as you like - for example, we just went around USF in a clockwise direction once we had picked off the big attractions.

Much less planning is needed- we make sure to hit Harry Potter areas during our early entries and later in the evening, and mostly wing it otherwise. We have been quite a few times though and know the ins and outs. The express passes are amazing and we often wish that Disney would offer a pass to purchase that would allow the same freedom. We tend to hop back and forth between the parks each day, as it is so easy compared to hopping in WDW. Hope you love it!

I agree with what has already been said. Personally, I like to have a loose TP for the sole purpose of marking things done on my phone when I’m in the park. I use the app when I’m there and open the plan and check things off as I go along, even if I go out of order. I’m always afraid I will miss something I wanted to see if I don’t have it in some kind of plan. But with EP, I would definitely not worry about going in a certain order at a certain time. Definitely try HP at night! Have a great trip!