How much leeway given with Fastpass+ times

I screwed up and had it in my head that we were allowed to enter the park at 3p instead of 4p for MVMCP. So now I have a FP+ set up for 3p-4p for TMRR. I can’t change any of our FP+ because they are all gone now. Wondering how lenient they are if you arrive late for your times.



Normally 15 minutes. I would try to be the first in line at the entrance and briskly walk back there.


When I was there for my past trip, a cast member told me that the leeway times for fastpasses were 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time to 15 minutes after. Good luck!


Thank you!

Thank you for the info! Do you think 3:30p is early enough to be standing on line?

On our trip in July, we were told we could not enter early but entered Thunder Mountain 20 minutes after our Fast Pass expired.