How much help


So around my office I am known as the "Disney Geek" - the fact that I am on this board as well provides support for that argument.

Several people at work have been "planning" trips for the upcoming holiday. I say "planning" as they are just going without any planning.

I say NOTHING other than - "Hey I suggest you get LINES" - because it is obvious in most cases that they don't put much value in actually planning their experience.

My question is - How much advise do people offer?

I don't offer much / any unless specifically asked - at which time - most people seem to think I am nuts


I'm with you. I don't offer much help because I know from experience that I can give too much and overwhelm the listener. I, too, refer people here and to the Unofficial Guides.


JUST LAST SATURDAY, I was at a quiet, chill, bar, and overheard the guy next to me that he was taking his fam to Disney for 2 days right after xmas. Natch, I told him I just got back, and asked him about his trip.

Mind you, he was going next week. He had never heard of these terms:
Dining Reservation

I pointed him to the TP site, and tried not to freak out that he didn't yet know what a fastpass was. He already had his tickets, and was staying at a family member's house, so I guess that's a start.


People know that I'm "into Disney" and occasionally ask me questions, but as I live in FL, there are quite a few people with WDW experience around here.

I only "proactively" helped one time. a close coworker was going for the first time in 25 years (and had only gone to the MK on that trip) and taking her grandchildren. She's quite intelligent, but was pretty much clueless about WDW. I helped her set up an MDE account, how to navigate the site, and link her tickets. I explained what FPPs and ADRs were and showed her how to find restaurant descriptions and ride descriptions on MDE. This was all 2 weeks before the trip... I also gave her a few suggestions about some of my favorite restaurants, and recommendations baout which rides she should try to get FPPs for. A couple days later she had some specific questions which I happily answered.

After she got back to work she said they had a great time, and was very happy I told her the things I did because it made their trip much better. Mission accomplished. :slight_smile:


It's rare that I know anyone who is going but just after I started my current job I discovered my boss was going the week before me this summer and she seemed clueless. I lent her my UG, her DH read it, and he rearranged their park days in line with EMH (which they didn't want to use), made ADRs (they were already at about 100 days out) and got great FPP. He did well! But I didn't want to get any more involved than lending the book. It's up to them to do the research and planning.


I am on the west coast, so I have much of the same experience, except for Disneyland. The most I will do, is say we love DLR and that if they have any questions I would be happy to help. Otherwise, that is it. Though I am surprised at how little planning people do for a vacation that they will spend quite a bit of money on.


I've helped a few of my customers and one coworker who ask specifically for help. Pointed them to the proper websites, tried not to overwhelm them w/ too much info.
Was just told the other week that someone was going over Christmas, staying off site, didn't realize till the day before we talked that Christmas week it the busiest time of the year. :scream: Had no fastpasses made. My only advice was that if he was in MK for Christmas day to not leave and the park hits capacity and he might not get back into MK.


Yep, I hang back and let the questions come to me. Need to access the level of knowledge first then I know where to start and how much they can handle/need to know.

There is something special about having no plan whatsoever though. You can still have a great time and just discover things on your own. We all did that to some extent. We all have the advantage (if that's what you call it!) of knowing that there is so much more to be had from the trips when you plan, plan, plan.


I get "That's a lot of planning?!?"
I plan - but I don't overplan. I basically take care of the "must have / do's" and then prepare but don't overplan the rest.

What cracks me up is my wife always says "that wasn't so XXXXX" to which I always replay " it wasn't so Crowded, expensive, difficult" because I planned it out - THANK YOU!!!!


When we go to DLR, that is the case, but there isn't even the option of reserving FPs or anything like that. We always wait until the day of or day before for food reservations, we generally do not have a problem getting what we want. We have a general plan (x park on x day) and the 5 most important activities for that day, so we can focus on those. Then we relax with the rest. I do find planning for WDW overwhelming. We have been thinking about going, but wow.


I have learned over the years to not say anything other than- I love to plan, if you need help let me know. These days I usually just start with but helping people save money (discount rooms and park tickets). I remember my first trip. I paid rack rate and made one ADR. I had a blast.


I have learned to not offer advice unless it is specifically asked for - I got tired of people looking at me like I had two heads when I tried to explain the amount of planning that is required. People watch the ads and think that the magic is just going to happen on its own.

Then again, I am planning a Hawaii trip for two years from now. That DW and I have not discussed yet. I like to plan. I am an excellent planner...


My DBro's boss is going on the 30th... I cringed inside when he mentioned he didn't have planes or hotels yet!!! And of course... no ADRs or FPP. In less than two weeks!!! AAAAAGH. I casually mentioned MyDisneyExperience and FPPs. His eyes glazed over and he let me organize his whole trip except for FPP which his son seemed to find fun to do. I got AoA and BoG for him and STK. Obviously he got FPP for VoTLM and B&B... sigh... You can only help so much @davidtyost!!!


When we went - I had NO plans for Universal - and it was WONDERFUL. I do find that with WDW though - if you have been before - you need to plan as there is such an overcrowding. To be honest - the planning for WDW used to be fun - now it is a chore. Going to Europe involved less planning


My in laws go regularly and every time I tell them about lines. But they do it thier way, which is not to plan, and to pay full price for everything! And every time they get back I get to hear the stories about expensive it was, how they didn't get seated at this restaurant (as a walk up), or didn't get to ride this ride, or that they waited this long, etc. You get the point. It's exhausting and frustrating. You can bring a horse to water...


On a side note, my parents, FL residents will be joining us for 2 days on our trip. They know about my plan, so it will not be a surprise. and I am really excited to show them the app and our plan in action. They are AP holders and I think by the end they will be converted. Wish me luck.


I would get. "Oh people of my generation don't use things like that. Its too much trouble". Ok - don't complain then when there is a solution.