How much floor space in a 1 brd villa at SSR?

We just switched our reservation from POR to SSR. I am going with my two sons and my sons girlfriend. I am pretty excited we were able to switch because a deluxe isnt something we could afford if our entire family was going. We were able to grab a room with my sons military discount. Anyway, I am curious on how much floor space there is?? I really dont want to share a bed with my 26 yr old son lol so I was planning on taking a twin sized blow up mattress. We did this in a Lion King Suite at AOA last June and it worked well. But I hear these rooms are small, even though the sq footage is more.
Anyone do this before??

In a 1BR Villa at SSR they will allow you to have 5 people, but you must provide the bedding and bed for person #5. We sleep 2 in the king bed, 2 on the pullout and then one on a twin sized air mattress on the floor near the pullout. There’s enough space to walk around the mattress—it’s cozy, but do-able.

Thank you!! This is great to hear from someone who has done it!! So many have commented on another board that there isnt any room. I had alot of negative, I think people thought we were sneaking someone in or something. Just not the case. I am traveling with my adult sons and we want our own sleep space :slight_smile: