How much do you factor EMH into your planning?

Last time we took the kids to WDW it was a pretty low-crowd situation (early February) - crowds were 4-6/10. This time it’s spring break (first week of April) and will be much busier.

We’re planning on 3.5-4 park days and all 4 parks (will have Hoppers). We will be trying to hit all the new/high demand rides (Galaxy’s Edge, FoP, SDD, SDMT, etc).

Would you plan your days around using EMH? We didn’t utilize any EMH on our last trip, so I’m not sure how much to weight going to those parks on those days.

If I knew my kids would be game for doing morning EMHs, I would definitely take advantage of those. I find evening extra magic hours a waste and don’t utilize because the parks are ridiculously crowded

I’m debating using evening magic hours (9pm-11pm) for Epcot & Magic Kingdom during our trip in April. Do you feel the extra crowd on evening EMH days offsets the benefit of the 2 extra hours late night?

We’re planning to rope drop every day, so I don’t know if an extra 90 minutes at night (after the evening firework show) will be that beneficial to us if we’ve already been going full speed for 12 hours.

It wouldn’t make it worth it for me…but that is just my opinion. Have you tried a TP during extra magic hours in the evening to see what kind of wait times to expect?

We generally go when it’s less crowded, and don’t do EMH. It’s hard enough getting DD ready in time for normal opening hours, not to mention DH who usually meets up with us an hour or two later… :rofl:

That said, when we have been during busier times such as Spring Break, we have made an effort to rope drop EMH (or at least, I have). It does make such a difference to how much you can achieve before the bulk of the crowds arrive.