How Much Did It Cost to Go to WDW the Year You Were Born?

I just ran into this interesting article. It gives the actual cost and what it would be with adjusted inflation. Of course, it only goes back to 1971.

Here’s How Much It Cost to Go to Disney World the Year You Were Born

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WDW opened when I was 13, so no joy there. But I found this from Disneyland in 1959

The 1959 Magic Kingdom Club Adult “10” Ticket Book that included admission and 10 attractions sold for $3.50 per person. This ticket book included 1 A ticket valued at .10 each, 1 B ticket valued at .25 each, 2 C tickets valued at .35 each, 3 D tickets valued at .60 each, and 4 E tickets valued at .75 each.

A little more research and I found out that Rooms at the original Disneyland Hotel went for $15/night when it opened in 1955; I couldn’t find a specific rate for 1959.

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Very interesting! I was born in 1975, so my adjusted cost would be $27.74. Crazy! And Space Mountain debuted the same year I did!

$17! I didn’t realize that I’m as old as Figment! :smile: And let us all cringe that the inflation adjusted cost is only $42! I would love to know the parking cost.

So, wait. You’re, like…old and stuff! :slight_smile:

Actually, sounds like you are the same age as my eldest brother.

$9.50! Adjusted for 2018 inflation: $25.73. Yes, please.

Something to keep in mind about historical MK admission costs. These were just to enter the park; you still had to purchase books of A - E tickets to go on rides. In 1971 a 9 ticket book was roughly $4.00; it went up to roughly $10 by 1979. In 1978 they introduce 2 and 3 day “passports” that included admission and unlimited rides for $18 and $24, respectively. Also interesting to note that 3.5 hour guided tours (that included 5 rides plus to additional tickets) ranged from $6 - $10.

For all you Disney history nerds out there, here’s a link to a page that goes into great detail regarding all of the different ticket options that were available in the first decade.


Actually my math was off by a year; I was 12 when it opened; turned 13 a few months after. First trip was when I was 16 (1975).

Oh. Well, then, you’re not old at all! (You were still born the same year as my brother, though!)

Anyhow, I forgot to post mine. $4.50 for a ticket. Or about $25 by inflation.

The cost of entry for my birth year was $18, which with inflation comes to $43.28.

The first year I ever set foot in Disney was 4 years later, when ticket prices soared to $28, $59with inflation. I can’t believe my family was able to manage that cost, knowing their job situation at the time, and it makes me really grateful that they brought us! We stayed at the Pickett Suite!

I was 5 when it opened… so, it was free?

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The year i was born it was free it was still being built. Funny thing my DD the year she was born it was free also. They don’t charge till you are 3.

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nothing because I am older than dirt and WDW wasn’t around when I was born

My husband still has one of those books of tickets…wonder what it’s worth?

It was still a swamp - and stayed that way for over 25 more years after I was born. And DL was built when I was in elementary school (PS 21)


There is someone older than me on these forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yup. I’m an old guy. Even went to Woodstock. Going to WDW end of February. No scooter yet. Look for short bald guy. Trying to keep up with his adult daughter

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Good for you! :grinning:

DH never parts with anything.


I’m impressed y’all could find it. I got one paragraph and then ads ads ads.

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