How much contingency planning is too much?

We are scheduled for a DCL cruise over spring break in a couple of weeks. By all accounts, everything will go off fine. Except what if it doesn’t? What if our cruise is cancelled and we are stuck in Orlando with no reservations or (GASP!) FPs?

While I’m not going to lay out extra money for tickets and reservations on a just-in-case scenario, is it prudent to develop some WDW plans and watch the CLs and FPs availabilities? Should I start practicing for a BG as far as I can, given I haven’t got any tickets? At this point, would Universal (which we’ve never done) be a better contingency plan than WDW?

How much is too much?

I wouldn’t pay for anything, but not a bad idea to know what’s out there. Good news is that, as a liner, your knowledge (even with very little planning) will still put you ahead of the game.

Perhaps you bookmark a few ROTR and HS threads for reading only if necessary.

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Good point about bookmarking some threads.

Universal works pretty well for a contingency plan trip, you don’t need to make any financial commitment before. You can book the hotel of your choice (with or without Express Pass included) with free cancelation and no pre-payment up to a couple of days before.

And you can buy tickets the day before without missing out on anything.

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