How much can we do in the first 25 minutes at Epcot?

Our trip is being built around Dd’s performance at WDW. As a result, our time at Epcot is going to be split sort of funny.

On our day at Epcot we have a 9:25 breakfast ADR at Akershus with a 9 AM RD(not the ideal time but we have a large party and breakfast there is a priority for the kids)

I currently have a 9:15 Fpp for FEA. Planning to be at the IG for a 9 AM RD, ride FEA go to breakfast, then meet Elsa and Anna, use a Tier II FPP and be out of the park before noon.

I’m now thinking maybe I should drop the FEA FPP and save FPP for our afternoon park. If our priority for the morning is FEA, Akershus and meeting Elsa and Anna, can I be confident that I can RD FEA without a FPp and still get to breakfast at 9:25 or should I keep the FEA FPP because it is better to be safe then sorry? (TP has me getting to breakfast at 935 without a FPp)

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If they let you in at 9:00, it will take time to walk back to Norway anyhow, which positions you nicely to then use your FP and then be there for Akershus.

So, I say keep the FP. I’m not sure if you can fit anything else in before 9:15 anyhow. Your options would be Spaceship Earth, Mission:Space, and TT. I’m not sure if you can get through one of those, plus have time for FEA before your reservation.

I’m not sure what the CL is on your date, but IMO, if you can be at the gate by 8:30 you can do FEA without a FP before your reservation. Then you can save all your FP for the afternoon park.


Ah. I think I misread the intent of the original post. :slight_smile: I thought the idea was if there would be enough time to use the FPP for FEA and do something else. But RDing FEA would mean using a different FPP later…so I think that’s possible. Maybe.

Personally, I still lean toward keeping the FP, though, because it would alleviate the stress of worrying about whether you have enough time or not. It might go great. It might not. But the FP pretty much guarantees you don’t have to feel rushed at all.


EP generally opens about 8.50. I think you can do it, but even if you’re 10 mins late to breakfast it’s not a big deal.

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I would say you could easily RD FEA if you get to the park at least 30-45 minutes before park opening. You also have about 15 minutes leeway with your 9:25 reservation.

I’d RD FEA and save FPs for later. When we went in January FEA never had much of a wait. About 30-40 minutes was the highest we saw it. If you arrive early to be at the front of the crowd you should be able to get on and off the ride well before your ADR.

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Thanks everyone!