How many TP do you make?

Wondering how many TP you make for each park?
On the day you are visiting how do you determine which one you will stick with?

I’ve never been, but my answer is lots.

I have an ‘ideal’ plan for a full day in the park. Then, I have a back up plan (which actually ends up being two separate plans due to park hopping) in case we want to have a break in the middle of the day. I make sure my evening plan coincides with my ideal plan’s dining reservations. We’ll decide on the day which we will use based on how we are feeling.
So… 3 plans in total for each day.

Flexibility is apparently the key.

I made one for every eventuality I could think of. So… a lot. For example, I made one in case I didn’t wake up on time. Another factoring in if I loved a ride so much, I doubled and tripled up riding it all in one go. And another if I ended up hating a type of ride and suddenly want to have nothing to do with any more of the “genre” (like coasters). And another where I did no rides and just walked around.

As far as which one I went with, I guess the answer is “all of them”? It became a rather composite plan once I was there and got my bearings and factored in my actual speed, effort, and energy it takes to get everywhere. I’d say pick out your “ideal plan” and then just keep your phone with ya and update/tweak as you go along using the Lines app.

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I have one for each day. I’ll do the initial one right after I have my FPPs, and will re-evaluate several times before I go, but my “final” is about a week before I leave. Ido not reoptimize in the parks after each ride. I also rarelyfollowone much past the first 5 or 6 items on it. I also generally go when predicted crowds are 5 or lower…

Thanks for the feedback! I have a few days where the crowd level is a 6. But hopefully it won’t be too bad

Thanks a bunch

Just one for each day. I know what we’ll want to do, nobody has motion sickness so we won’t suddenly have to skip certain rides etc. And then we go with the flow! No big deal if we decide to people watch with a Mickey bar instead of rushing to the next ride - it’s a holiday after all!

Thanks for your input