How many times can you ride RSRacers in one day?

I love RSR. I would ride it at least 5 times if I could. I’ve only ever managed 2 times in one day. Any ideas how I could ride more?

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Rope drop, pull fast pass immediately, single rider, and slip into line at the end of the night, etc…

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You could probably snag one more fast pass in there during the day, maybe even two if crowds are low enough. And you could always wait standby!

This reminds me of that guy who has ridden RSR like 10,000+ times. I have no idea how he possibly could have done as many rides as he has given how long the lines are and how relatively recently it opened.

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Rope drop, grab a FP right after getting off the first time, & then another FP or two as the days goes on will give you at least 3-4 rides.

But the easiest answer is to utilize the Single Rider line as soon as it opens up. They wait until the standby line is nice & full and the FP line is established before usually opening up the single rider but for a lot of the day (up until late afternoon) it’s a great option whose only restriction is that you be at least 7 yrs old & able & willing to ride wherever they put you (i.e. not with anyone else in your group, but you can all wait together).

Often times in the evening the Single Rider line is quite long (sometimes longer than FP) so I would recommend getting a FP for a nighttime ride.

Also, we’ve been lucky on lower crowd nights seeing a less than 30 min. wait for RSR at the end of the night (one time it was a 20 min posted wait & was less than a 7 min. actual wait) so it’s a good one to look into in the last hour of the park hours and possibly get another 2 rides in.