How Many Integers is Enough?

Right now I am planning to visit HS on a “6” crowd day and if I juggled the schedule a bit, I could instead visit on a “4” crowd day. The complicating factor is that I already have ADRs that I want for HS for the “6” day. Understand this is a matter of personal judgment, would you change park reservations and try to rebook ADRs to reduce the crowd level from a 6 to a 4? Many thanks for your thoughts.

I would not. I don’t believe there is enough data since reopening for the CLs to be correct.


I agree with @SirGreggLadyV. I don’t put much faith in crowd calendars. Especially not now.


I thought this was going to be a math thread! So here goes…

Why didn’t 4 go to Disney?
Because he is two square!

Why is Yoda afraid for 6?
Because six, seven ate.

How was 6 defeated by 7?
He was shooting craps and his point was 10.


Good stuff!!

I agree with the above. .the crowd calendar is out of whack because normal vacation patterns are not happening this year.


There is a very slim chance that the CL for those 2 days will be exactly as predicted. If it turns out true, the top 7 attractions will save you on average of about 10 minutes each in the standby queue. If you use the LL for some attractions, this would not apply.

Since March 1st, the lowest waits days of the week have been Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. While the longest waits have been on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.


I never book based on crowd numbers. Keep what you have and make a touring plan.


I was told there would be no math.



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You could try for new ADRs then change your park reservation if you’re in the 60-day window.

Is that allowed? The rules keep changing and I don’t remember what order I did mine in.

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I don’t ever change for crowd levels once I have my dining. BUT I do change for an ADR that shows up on a different day than what I have reserved if I really want to eat at that restaurant or do that special event like a fireworks dessert party. The numbers can change and are often off a little anyway. Better to go in with a good plan and enjoy the foods you want.


While CL numbers, right now in particular, might not be accurate, I would not be absolutist about telling not changing days if the CL numbers were 6 versus a 4, for example. Why? Well, much to the chagrin if those who don’t like math…because of math…

See, each CL comes with a certain margin of error. So, a predicted CL of a 6 might be off by a magnitude of 2 in either direction. So, yes, that 6 might end up being a 4. But it might also end up being an 8! Similarly, that 4 might end up being a 6…but it could end up a 2. This means that the ACTUAL difference in CL between a predicted 6 versus 4 might be as much as 6, not 2! Of course, they might also end up being exactly the same. But switching a 6 day to a 4 day makes it MORE likely to see an improvement of some amount…and possibly a significant amount.

It is a matter of weighing priorities. If certain ADRs are important to you, then switching days based on CLs might not be enough of a benefit to outweigh the loss of an ADR, etc. In the past, we were almost entirely focused on low crowds first and foremost, because ADRs didn’t matter to us…it was all about the rides. These days, the rides are less important, and so CLs take a secondary seat…but I will still try for lower CL days when I have the option to.


I only use Crowd Levels as guidelines and not for an entire day.

I look at 3 to 4 hour chunks of days at times I’ll be in the park(s). Mostly go during greener-ish chunks. :blush:

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