How many FP+ attractions have you been able to use a FP for in one day?

I've been 3 times now since FP+ came online and I think the most FastPass+ attractions I have hit in one day is 5 - what is the MOST anyone has been able to use in one day?

I am pretty sure we used 7 one day last week, and after that we didn't bother because everything was a walk on. There were still more available.


This an interesting question! When we went in February, everyone was still limited to 3, so I haven't really wrapped my brain around the idea of possibly getting more. I understand it in theory, but I think it's probably something I'll have to try for myself.

I think the days I could've gotten tons, when there would've been lots of availability, I didn't bother because I would've spent more time at the kiosks than in the actual short lines.

when we were in MK in May we used 8. I had our original 3 scheduled for PP, splash, and BTMRR and those were used by about 1pm. I then added 5 more over the course of the rest of the day for HM, JC, POC, BTMRR and space mtn.
Caveat to this is that it was only one week after they started allowing additional fpp's to be added and I think a lot of people weren't taking advantage of it. There were some minor lines at the kiosks though. Also, SDMT wasn't open yet.

oh and the 5 we added were b/w the hours of 3-8pm so about 1 fpp per hour with a sit down meal at CP and a few minor rides mixed in. It actually worked out really well!