How many days ? Summer 2019 ( Late June)

Looking to plan vacation in Universal Orlando in Late June 2019. Can you please suggest how many days we need for each of the 2 parks. We are a family of 4 , DD13 and DD10. Not big on water park though.
Also is it worth buying Universal Express Pass or Unlimited Universal Express ?

I think the answer to that question really depends on how much you would like to get accomplished. If you just want to hit the highlights and don’t mind going from sun up til sundown, you really won’t need more than a day and a half or so. If you want to be able to take your time, take breaks and see everything, you’re probably going to need more like 3 days.

The best way to get the express pass is to book one night at a deluxe on-site resort. You can definitely buy the express pass out of pocket the day you’re there if you feel you need it, but in the summer, crowds will be high and the express pass will definitely make your touring more relaxing. If you do one night at a deluxe resort, you get the express pass for the entire day of check-in and check-out.

So, I guess my question to you is what are your goals for this trip?


I like 3 park days. 1 for each park and 1 just for all the HP stuff. This will give you time to revisit your favourite rides.

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Thanks for the responses, Do you think we will need EP if we decide to go during the week of April 15th ( spring break time)

I would highly recommend it if that is during spring break.