How long will the "wave" last, do you think?

so, are your increased bookings for near future, summer, or fall? Or spread out? That might give us some limited insight on this “wave”.

All over the map but I do have a big clump of trips in Nov/Dec


Managing DVC points after the closure, extensions, and banking is becoming very complicated. I have found myself checking each year: this June I will use all my unbankable points (please I need this trip). With my September and December trips I still have some unbankable points that I will need to book into spring/summer 2022 or maybe cancel December 2022 and do extra. So, most likely I am going in 2022 or someone is on my points.


Like the decade of 2000-2010 (2012). That was brutal. Nothing changed except for attractions getting older and outdated. Epcot should have been updated that decade and HS finished (HS was never a finished product … maybe it is now, but could still use a few more C-Ticket type rides to keep people occupied when not in line for the headliners).

I’m just going to have to set my family’s sights really low and convince DW that no matter what it’s worth the money.

We are supposed to have a big 25th anniversary trip in 2023. I’m actually a little cautious about it now bc of said wave. Because DH changed jobs in 2020, he is not as free as he used to be too travel in our preferred wdw window of the week after Thanksgiving/first week or so of December. We did it in 2020 bc it was a condition of him accepting the job that he would get the time off.
We now are kind of forced into traveling around the Jewish holidays when the building closes with pay. (The PTO he gets is also sick time bc of all the paid holidays.) So, Passover, which in 2023 is the second week of April (and also Easter that year) or Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, which is most of September and the first week of October in 2023.
April is busier than I’d like, and September/October is so damn hot and rainy.
I’m not loving the idea of still being in the wave of delayed travel AND traveling at a traditionally busy or hot time. I may delay our 2023 trip into 2024. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.