How Long Will it Take to Update Crowd Calendars?

I believe all of us were surprised yesterday by the early date announced for SWGE. We have a trip booked for Sep 7 - 15 and now I don’t have a clue what to do.

Does anyone know how long it will take for the crowd calendars to be updated for Aug 29th forward? I’m prepared for DHS to be 10’s across the board but just not sure what to anticipate for the other parks. Hoping our friends in the TP offices can use their expertise to predict crowd levels for all the parks.

Considering moving our trip back to August but just not sure.


I know Len said they’re working on it, but I don’t know that the predictions will be super helpful. This is a completely unprecedented event and even the opening of TSL and Pandora will not be indicative of the scale of interest for SW:GE.


Thanks! I understand what you’re saying. Just hoping with the knowledge they have from Pandora and TSL and the anticipated numbers that will want to go to the opening they’re better equipped an anyone else to try to predict what will possibly happen.

One of the big problems with predicting things this time is that only ONE of the two rides will actually be open. This means that all the people descending on SWGE will be in line for a SINGLE ride. What does this mean for crowds? Will people hold off and wait for Rise of the Resistance to open, or come initially anyway just say they were there when it opened? It is possible that crowds will not increase much at all in the other parks, and maybe in DHS itself, because all those people coming will be there stuck in line waiting. On the other hand, people might schedule vacations JUST for this, but tack on days for the other parks, thereby increasing crowds. We just have no idea at this point.

It might have been easier to predict if Disney had decided to open everything at once. But the phased opening just makes it even MORE of a great big unknown!


Have ticket prices gone up for those dates yet? I sort of thought the new ticket pricing allowed fluid pricing so prices would go up as more tickets were sold. Did i just dream that up or is that a thing now?

That’s a good question. I don’t know. Since I didn’t look at prices prior to the change, I don’t know if I could compare if they have changed them or not.

I don’t see how there could be useful predictions until it’s been open for several months. How many people are scheduling trips specifically for SWGE? How many locals will flood the park? How many will wait until both rides are open? If DHS hits capacity (which it no doubt will) and people can’t get in, which other park will they go to? These are all variables that a statistical model based on historic data cannot really control.


Ticket prices are set and are not fluid. Too bad as you’re quite right and that would have helped.

The date-based ticket pricing was adopted starting last year, so the ticket prices do/can change based on demand. However, since they also offer a non-date-based ticket, it does set an upper limit on the per-day price they can charge for a date-based ticket.

Exactly @bswan26! This is what is making our decision so difficult!! So many unknowns!!

I know that nobody can truly tell what will happen until it does happen, but by then it will be too late for us to change our plans. Until then I’m hoping that the service I have the most faith in is doing their best to predict the unknown! LOL!! :rofl:

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See, you’re part of the problem! :slight_smile: You are trying to make a decision on whether to go our not based on the decisions others are making about whether to go our not!

It is like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle! :wink:

ETA: I’m suddenly doubting myself on the principle. I think I’m confusing that one with another one. But basically, the principle that essentially the just the act of making an observation changes the outcome!

The only answer is for you to go and submit lots of wait times and report back here on the crowds.

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Does anyone think that it will not be all 10s for quite some time?

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I think Brian literally confirmed in the last update that as soon as they have a date for SWGE that it will be all 10s, I just think that the OP (and myself actually) are curious about what this might do to the other parks. I’m also potentially curious if there is maybe a “better” (not low crowd) time to go from Sept-Dec, etc. I get that it won’t be a sure thing, but it will sure beat my current lawn dart approach!


Over the last few years all MK nonparty days have been very high? I guess I just assume Christmas begins Labor Day weekend :grinning:

For DHS I believe that is a very safe assumption. How much SWGE affects the other parks is hard to predict…

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Although I do think MK on non party days has been outrageous the last few years. I honestly don’t see how this will help that situation but hopefully it won’t make it unbearable.

This is actually one of my first deciding points… Last time we went, we did MK on a party day; it was listed as closing by 7:00 PM (I know they’ve changed that now) but from 4:00 on, with the party guests pouring in, it was horrible. Escaping the park around 6:30 was the single most awful experience I’ve ever had at a Disney park and I swore I would never go on a party day again. But I’ve heard that crowds on non-party days are terrible all day - but I’ve never seen HEA and really want to (already decided that I will do a party if I’m going to see that). But, I’m still 274 days out, so there is a long time before I have to “commit” - at least as far as ADRs go…


Yes! I have been curious about them releasing the Halloween Party dates so early but maybe they wanted as much commitment from people as possible before this announcement?

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