How long will it take at Akershus?

We have an 8:05 ARD on Mon 8/28. Any idea how long it is going to take? CL is a 4 for that day, with park opening at 9.
Obvioulsy I am hoping to be at FEA before or at least close to RD - but I heard somewhere else it might take us 90 minutes at Akershus.
If so I may need to adjust some of my plans/FPs.

60-90 minutes for character meals. Pay your bill as soon as your drinks come and that will allow you to exit as soon as you visit will all the characters.

I’ve not done it, but I’ve read many posts about it. A major factor is how important is it to meet all of the princesses. If the princesses aren’t that important, than you can most likely be done and out before 9:00. If seeing all of them is important, then I’ve heard it’s a factor of where you are sitting and what order they come around the tables. I think the general wisdom is to plan for 90, but you may be done in less time. At the ridiculous price they charge for it, I would think you’d want to get the most out of it without stressing about how soon you could get out - but that’s just me. But if your “real” reason for making the ADR is to beat the RD crowd, then it might be a different story…

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