How long wait for 10:00 FOLK?

Trying to see how close we can cut it for the 10:00 FOLK show. We plan to RD NRJ, then were thinking of doing EE probably & then trying to catch the 10:00 show if it would allow us to bypass the really long waits required for shows during the rest of the day.

My TP would get me there with only maybe 10 min to spare though. Doable?

Is the show line outside & stationary? Half our family of 4 might be able to get back to get in line a bit earlier (15 min or so before) but I realize that if the line’s inside that’s more problematic for the other half to catch up to us in line.

This has been something I’ve wondered too but not just at 10:00.

It’s a pretty giant theater – in October we decided to try to go in at the last minute and walked right in as they were shutting the doors. We did have to sit in the back, but considering we didn’t wait at all it worked fine.

If I remember correctly, the line / waiting area is stationery - outside - kind of a big corral. Once the doors open, everyone floods in. The seats are benches and it’s “in the round” so if part of your family went in they could probably spread themselves out a little and hold a spot for you for a couple of minutes. If you’re not concerned about sitting right up front, I think 10 minutes would work.

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Great! The TP info about waiting 45 min in the sun for shows during most of the day had me worried. Think we will do the 10 to be safe but good to know we should have time to make it!

We slipped in a show right before it started and I don’t regret it. We had a FP for later in the day, but it was worth it to not wait in the sun to sit in the back. We all could still see once we sat our DS4s on our laps.

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We’ve never waited in the past, but with the crowds as large they have been lately, and with a lot of people spilling from Pandora into Africa I would give yourself more buffer than normal. We had a fastpass and still had iffy seats in mid-February.

What time show was that?

We don’t FPP this one because it’s so huge a theater and it’s constructed in such a way that there are no bad seats. We’ve never been shut out; we’ve gotten in 10-15 minutes ahead and been fine, with seats down lower and have also slipped in at the last second and sat way in the back and enjoyed both.

I think 11 or 12. I had wanted to get Fastpasses for 10 but they were gone, and that both surprised and worried me.