How long until hotel link received (fast pass?)?

Hello! Feel like I’ve had a bit of a fail… :persevere:

Found a cheap hotel room via the Disney Uk site and thought “woo if I book this that will work really well for that FOP fast pass”. We arrive in 60 days to the day, hence me being keen for the 60+3 day reservations etc.

Got the confirmation email which said:

“We’re working our magic behind the scenes to link your booking with My Disney Experience, which will allow you to book your FastPass+ selections, dining reservations and more. We know you’re excited to get started, however it can take up to 30 days until this functionality is available. You’ll receive an email notification as soon as your booking is ready to be linked.

30 days?! That will totally defeat the object of my booking! :frowning:

Anyone had this before? How long did it take? Cheers :slight_smile:

I would think that you could call Disney to make your FPP and ADR’s.

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You also need tickets to book Fastpasses. Not just a hotel reservation.

The confirmation e mail will have a booking number. Set up / log into My Disney Experience on the Disney site, put in your booking number and all your details should come up Mine was there within hours. Then you need to link everyone in your party so that you can make fast passes for them etc. It is easy to follow on the site. Good luck.

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Thanks all. Booking number received doesn’t work (yet) and yes I do have separate tickets. Will call up tomorrow and report back with how I got on :slight_smile:

Have you linked your tickets to MDE?

Yes - have done that already.

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An ‘exciting’ update. I spoke to the Disney booking line (rather than the technical team - which had a 90 minute wait) and was assured that it can take up to 3 days to go through… not 30. This contradicts the email but perhaps they are right. I was told to ring up again tomorrow if it hadn’t been sorted automatically.

Perhaps the technical team is the right one to badger but I don’t have 90 mins to wait around on hold :frowning:


Another wild update appears!!!

So this time I called the technical team who said it would take at least a week to sync the booking and I should call back in a week if it isn’t sorted by then.

lol, dreadful if true - they should really warn you that it takes time for the hotel reservation to sync if you are close to 60 days.

Bottom line - don’t book a Disney hotel last minute and expect to be able to link to your tickets for the 60 day fast pass booking.

I’ll update when it finally links, after which I presume I’ll be at 50 days out. Fffffff.

A final update. It linked yesterday evening… after all of the advice that it would not link for days…

All ended well then. I obviously couldn’t get on as soon as the 60+ day FP were released due to the delay with the linking.

A lesson in exercising patience and not booking things last minute :slight_smile: