How long to schedule meals?

How long do you think i need to schedule for meals? My travel agent told me 90 minutes…but i had originally had 45 minutes! :frowning:

Restaurants include Sci Fi, 50’s Diner, Garden Grill, etc.

Figuring you get seated on time, which often does not happen, but you stull need to check in on time. I would figure:

Character meals like garden grill you usually need 90 minutes.

Meals like sci fi etc should be about 45 mins to an hour i would say

Counter service figure about 45 start to finish inless you are eating when everyone else does.

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I agree with jedilogray. My one tip would be not to underestimate the amount of time you will spend waiting, even with ADRs. For example, my family ate at garden grill in June 2015 and it took just at an hour to be seated, eat, and see all the characters, and I felt like that was pretty efficient. Other character meals took even longer, once you factor in waiting to be seated, waiting for characters to make their way around, paying the bill, etc. Table service meals in general seem to take us around 45 minutes once we are seated, but waits of 10-15 (or even longer) minutes once you arrive are pretty common. Quick service meals are faster, like 30-45 minutes, especially if you go at non-peak times so food lines are shorter. But you can spend quite a bit of time waiting in snack/food lines at busy times of day.

I just got back a week ago and I agree with the previous posters times. I had 12:50 ADR for Sci Fi and we had to wait for probably 15 minutes to be seating. I think we left at about 2:15. Interestingly there were a lot of empty tables in there so idk what was going on.