How long to plan for PPO Garden Grill breakfast and food allergies?

Will we be out in time for a short wait for Soarin on a 9:00 opening day? We have an 8:05 reservation. Also, does anyone know if their allergy food takes a lot longer (peanuts, tree nuts and one person with celiac)? I’m assuming that most of the food is nut free except for the hazelnut drizzle, but that the celiac food might take longer? Luckily, he is the fastest eater. Which fruits are in the seasonal fruit in August?

Ordinarily I’d say yes you should be out well before 9. But I would imagine the allergy issues will slow you down quite a lot, and I don’t have any experience with that.

My wife has food allergies and we have to make requests at each TS. It might make your meal take five minutes longer. They deal with this all day every day and it’s no big deal. Just make sure to list it on your ADR. The chef will come out, verify your request and ask if certain substitutions are OK for your taste preference.

You should be fine. I was there last July and have multiple food allergies, but my food was out very quickly and we were out of the restaurant by 8:35 or 8:40.

Awesome! Thanks!

We had no issues with a peanut allergy for breakfast at GG. No delays on the food - you should be fine.

We had a gluten intolerance (celiac) and were out in 45 mins 8:05 reservation. We were seated right away when we got there at 8:00. Did not feel rushed at all, the food was not delayed at all). We saw all characters twice and almost full rotation of the restaurant. Rode soarin twice before rope droppers arrived.

We did have it listed on our ADR.