How long to get to parks by car

I am staying with my family of 5 at AoA during our Spring Break in March & was wondering how much time I should budget to get to the parks (drive time + walk time to where rope drop is). I am thinking of taking the bus to MK. Should I really budget 90 mins for the bus as Disney recommends?

Also, how much time should I budget to take the ferry from MK to the Hoop Dee Doo Review and from MK to the Ivy Trellis Salon at the GF?

Thank you!

I would be in my car about 45 minutes before I want to be standing in line to scan my MB to enter a park.

I would allow at least an hour to take the bus to MK. I would plan 45-60 minutes to get a boat to FW or GF from MK, but expect it could take 30 minutes if I am lucky.

Wow! Thank you PrincipalTinker! This is great!