How long to get through security if you arrive an hour after opening please?

I have an idea how early to arrive at the park to be in a good position for rope drop, now I’m wondering how long it takes to get in if I arrive an hour after opening please? Say MK opens at 8am, and I’d like to be at Aladdin at 9:30am, is leaving the Poly at 8:30am enough time? Do most people arrive 9-10am? so will there always be a long queue for security and getting past the turnstiles? Would I actually be better off having a longer lie in and not arriving till after 10am please? And the same for Epcot please, based on opening at 9am.

Leave at 8 just in case. If you want to get in quicker don’t bring a purse or backpack. People without bags to inspect go through a different line to reach the entry gates

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MK was much crazier than Epcot compared to the 2 days we did at each of those parks, all 9am openings. For our MK days we were there early, once for Welcome Show and the other for a pre-RD ADR. Both times at MK was at least 15 min through security. The day we were there for Welcome show, we also had to wait for the crowd in front to clear to be able to get through the gate so another 10 or so min. The second day for pre-RD ADR getting through the gate was much quicker because there wasn’t a crowd clogging up the front area. My guess would be that it stays pretty steady until at least 10am, maybe even up to 11am.

Epcot we arrived one day right at 9am just behind RD and the other day later closer to 11am. Both times security & getting through gate wasn’t even a wait, took 5 min max.

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