How long to get from MCO?

Our flight gets in at 10:08pm, we are renting a car. We will have 3 small children (and their carseats) in tow. 3 adults. How long do you estimate it will take us to get to Coronado Springs? I intend to try to get one of those straight to the car/skip the counter rentals. Thanks!!

I am somewhat guessing here as it takes about 50 minutes using the Magic Express. Now the big thing here is how familiar are you with the area and also what type of maintenance projects are in you way. Like I say 50 minutes is a good bet but it all depends on the route and traffic.

Totally unfamiliar, but excellent at reading a map!! I’m hoping traffic won’t be an issue with it being such a late hour. My goal is to be in bed around midnight.

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Once you get to the car I would say 25-35 minutes.



I’m not trying to knock your navigation skills, but I urge you to pay extra attention on the trip. It is extremely common for people to get lost driving inside the WDW complex, even locals, and it being night after a tiring flight will make it worse.

Pay extra attention and do NOT try to think you know better than the road signs. Sometimes the signs seem like they are totally wrong but they are setup the way they are for a good reason!

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Would you say the journey from MCO to Disney is difficult, or just once in the bubble?

As with any major airport, getting out can be a tad confusing sometimes if you’ve never been there but MCO isn’t too bad. There are two “main” directions out of MCO just make sure you get the right one.
IIRC it is even labeled as Disney World though I haven’t lived there now in over 10 years. After that getting to the WDW complex is easy peasy just follow the signs you really can’t miss them.

The confusing part is mostly once you get inside the mouse house’s property.

We’ve driven in Disney before, so I am familiar with the confusion. One of my favorite memories from our trip is when we missed our turn to AKL and we actually left Disney. I just kept repeating in a very distressed voice, “We are leaving the World! We are leaving the World!” I think my husband (driver) was less amused than I was!

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