How long to get from car to park entrance including bag check?

Trying to decide if going back to hotel in middle of day to rest is worth the time it takes to go to car drive to hotel and go back to park again.

What hotel?

Also, what time of year are you going?

It’s a 5-8 minute walk from the Universal parking garages to the central transportation hub, and then another 15 minutes to get from the hub to the park entrances (Studios or Islands - Volcano wasn’t open when we went). has a very detailed overview of how to get to Universal from the various hotels, airports etc and what happens once you reach the garages.

Edited to add - scroll to the bottom of the above link to get to the “Getting Oriented - Parking at Universal Orlando” section.

We are staying at residence inn at mall of millinia (sp?) and going right before 4 th of July ( leaving the 4 th.)

I was just there 6/20 to 6/26 we stayed about a 20 minute drive away near Seaworld. Parking for us was no problem, If you go in the am the bottle necks are at the bag checks and at the park entrances. early in the AM I would say before noon expect 10-15 minute wait at each bottle neck. After that time during the day less than 5 minutes at each station. Very easy for us to go home, shower change return back, do some more rides, eat dinner and return back to the hotel. Keep your receipt for parking since free parking only starts after 6pm. If you keep your receipt, show it and you dont have to pay again before the 6pm return…

Thanks! We are pretty close to Universal, butfrom what I read, it seems like parking is so far away that it would take nearly an hour to park, get through security and the entrance.

I have only arrived from a resort or bus drop off area but I cannot imagine an hour. This article seems to say 20 minutes total?