How long to eat?


I know this a little bit of a, how long is a piece of string type of question! But how long should I allow in my TP for a table service meal me, DH and DS13, we are on the dinning plan if that makes any difference. I heard a podcast recently that meals are taking longer because of explaining the drinks options etc.
I started by allowing an hour but have now up’d it to 70mins do you think that will be enough?


It depends on the restaurant. Most people suggest 90 minutes for character meals. At other restaurants the length of time needed can be a bit of luck of the draw. 70 minutes is probably reasonable but be aware that it may take longer.


At least 60 min for TS and at least 90min for character meals. 70min sounds like a good idea.


I always put in 90 minutes for TS meals. That allows for time to get seated and not rush through a meal. We are often out in less time. However, at Chefs de France, we lingered over dinner for about 2 hours. It was a nice break.


Typically 75 minutes for regular table service and 90 minutes for character meals. This also allows some delays when getting seated. For ‘Ohana dinner or Cali Grill dinner (no characters), allow 90 minutes or more. People tend to linger for the fireworks, esp at Cali grill.


I allow 90 minutes for TS meals, but have had experiences that last longer. Buffets take less time if not a character meal. If you have any food restrictions, it could take longer.


I put 90 minutes for TS meals in my TP (longer for signature dining–usually 120 minutes). I like to allow some time because you aren’t necessarily seated right at your ADR time.


I will add another vote for 90 minutes. For a signature meal I always plan at least two hours.


We aren’t doing any signature meals but I think I’ll need to revisit my TP and add in a bit more time, now how long for a CS, I’ve done between 40-60 mins, I’m guessing that won’t be enough now?


I think that is more than enough time, especially if you do mobile ordering.


QS I put 45 minutes… 15 minutes to order & recieve food, 30 minites to eat, 15 for a bathroom break. Its nice not to rush while eating!!


Isn’t that 60 minutes?

Or are you meaning you put in the 15 minutes after as a bathroom break separate from the dining?


Also, as a reminder: if you have FPP just after a TS meal and you are running late for the FPP, just keep the receipt and show to the CM. One time, we were running 30minutes late and our waitress told us to that! The CM at the attraction was like: No problem! and let us in.


Yes, I put a 15 bathroom break after the QS.

Thanks for pointing that out @lizzieanne771, sometimes it sounds better in your head than typing it out!! LOL :wink:


It’s ok. I am not the strongest in math and was just making sure. :smiley:


We have BOG lunch at 11:30 & will mobile order. 7 adults, 3 kids. Pirates League at 12:45 - can we make it on time? Will saving the receipt help?


I believe you can easily make that. 45 minutes should be plenty of time with pre order.


I have allotted 40 min for each of our table meals, a bit short I know. But we are only a party of two and we plan to review menus the night before to be ready to order at first contact with wait staff.