How long to do SWGE droid depot?

I have a reservation for the Droid Depot. I am wondering how long people think it would take to complete this experience?

This is the blind leading the blind but I am allowing an hour. Have an Oga’s reservation after it, so hope it’s enough.

Went to the AP preview on Saturday, didn’t go to Droid Depot but we did build a light saber at Savi’s Workshop. We had an appointment for 12:30 and were out in 20-25 minutes.

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Thanks for the replies. Good to know it didn’t take long in Savi’s. I was thinking it would take around 30-40 minutes. With reservations is there a hold up getting in? Maybe people who have experienced it in Disneyland might know.

This might give you a bit of an idea:

I read in some of the Disneyland reviews that it took about half an hour to complete the whole process at Droid Depot. However, I am often plagued by indecision in all things, so I allotted myself an hour.

Thanks guys. I hope we can do it in around half an hour.

We built 2 droids in Disneyland in the early days with the reservation system they did for the land in general. We first waited in line outside the droid depot for 40 min. Once inside it took about 35-40 min. from selecting, paying, grabbing our parts off the conveyor to building & activating. I don’t know what the process will be for check-in at WDW but if it were me, I would plan for 10-15 min on top of 30-40 min to build to have some buffer.

Thanks Iolabear_la. That gives us a better idea - much appreciated. Were those days you went right near the opening or a few weeks in?

It will be interesting to hear from people once SWGE opens in a few days.

It was just over a week after the opening during the reservation only period. I’m following along as well to see how WDW’s opening goes. We really enjoyed how DL was able to pull it off & I hope that WDW has only learned & improved upon that so everyone has a great first time!

lolabear_la did Disneyland have the same booking system as Disneyworld in regards to booking the Droid Depot? Did you book a time and then have to still wait 40 minutes to get in? I am just not well versed on how Disneyland did things.

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Disneyland did not offer a booking for any experiences at all initially, the reservation we had was a general reservation to see the land. It was for a - hour time slot and were free to line up to any experiences within those 4 hrs that we had time for.

My thinking is that with WDW they know a little better what kind of timing they can offer the Droid (& other) reservations and not get too backed up so I would think 10-15 min to check in should be sufficient.

Thanks lolabear_la. Here’s hoping more information from people who visit Disneyworld over the next week or 2. will provide more information.