How long is too long?

It is my intention to post my TP for review in the next day or two. In preparation, I wrote up my post in word with a synopsis of each day (including any questions or concerns I have), some background on my travelling companions, and some general questions. It is almost a 3 page document. I feel as though I may lose some readers if I post something that long. Should I post it one day at a time? Am I overthinking this?! Thanks!

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I vote for one day at a time

I went over a year ago and I’m still slowly writing my report hahaha
Make it huge and then use that as an excuse for the delay to post it :stuck_out_tongue:

I did mine one day at a time. Actually before I went to sleep each night of our trip. Plus, I usually need to wait for the rest of my family to sleep before I do.
I think I did a separate recap or something after but I don’t remember.

I’d probably do one day at a time.

I like one day at a time. The details are helpful for readers, but all in one go is tough to read. I did this last year too.

Look forward to reading your report!

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My original post might not have been very clear. It seems most of these answers are about trip reports. I’m talking about my touring plan. My trip isn’t until August, but my FP day is in less than 2 weeks and I need opinions on whether or not my plans work/are feasible/are insane! Maybe it doesn’t change anyone’s answer, but I wanted to be clear :slight_smile:

Ha. Yes, clearly we all thought differently. So you are asking people to review your TPs?

From my observations, I would say to split up into groups of 2-3. When I’ve seen people post a full week’s worth, they seem to get less replies and/or comments on only a few of the TPs.

Hope that helps!

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Depends how long your trip is. If I see something like no space mountain and ask, sometimes it’s on a different day. I prefer to see it laid out. Unless it’s a 10 day trip, then you’re on your own LOL

10 day trip, 8 park days. I have an excel with the plan for the whole trip, plus individual touring plans for each park. I can add the excel on each post so that it can be seen whether or not we are going back to a park. Does that make sense?

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In that case, do one post with a new message for each park. Or just post anything you want. It is not as if this forum is moderated or anything. If you don’t get any traction well then too bad and try something else. I’m sure at least some of the lifers will look at your plans.


Was this intentional?!?!

It was but you shouldn’t take it as a insult. Lifers are the very core of every online forum. Lifers create value, incite positive discussion, and give us vibrant online communities. Lifers are the antithesis of trolls who seek the opposite, create discussion through opposition.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and risk saying that the reason why the WDW forums gets more posts than all the other forums combined is precisely because of our Proffmatts, OBnurses, ryan1s, and so on.


Thank you everyone! I just posted. I started with a synopsis of the whole trip and details for Day 1.

I’m not insulted. Everyone has their areas of interest and expertise. I just thought it was funny…liners, lifers, they’re so close! It was just funny. :smile: