How long is the trip from AK to Poly?

I’m thinking of booking the 8:15 Spirit of Aloha at the Poly. Currently, AK is closing at 8PM that day, but we intend on seeing Rivers of Light, then leaving (maybe grabbing a souvenir on the way out) and heading straight to Poly. shows this as “Bus directly to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Estimated Time: 27 minutes”. Does this seem accurate?

ROL is 15 minutes, so this seems like we’d have 90 minutes to grab souvenir, walk to bus, bus ride to Poly (realizing we may not get on the first bus?), and find Luau Cove. Please tell me this is doable before I book!

I have no idea, I’ve never been to the Poly. But I’m bumping this up because I know lots of people will know the answer!

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I did book spirit of Aloha, but I’m just wondering if the bus will work to get us there in time, or should plan on using a Minnie Van?

I would guess the bus will be just fine, but I wouldn’t like to say for sure.