How long from plane landing at MCO to being in Universal park

Hey guys,planning first trip to Universal. Any ideas on how long it would take to get from the plane landing at MCO, picking up luggage, taking cab to Portofino, then heading to Universal Studios? Thinking two hours or so. Agree or should we allow longer?

If you want to be comfortable, I’d go with 2.5-3 hours.

When you leave the plane at MCO, you still have to take the monorail to the main terminal, and then head down to baggage claim. Even with all that, I’ve found I still have to wait 10-15 minutes before they start putting the bags on the carousel. If yours is the first bag, wonderful…but if it is the last one, that’s a half hour right there (so you’re at 1 hour before you leave the airport). The ride from MCO to US is about a half hour with no traffic, so call it 45 minutes just to be safe. Allow 15 minutes to check in and another 15 minutes to drop luggage in the room, and then you’ll need to take transportation or walk over to get to Universal. In theory, if the stars all line up, you could do it in 2 hours, but I’d think 3 hours juuuust to make sure.

Nooooo!!! Three hours makes my mom right - I hate that. :wink: thank you @mascardofamily!

Varies, but I’ve been on property in an hour. (Landed, carry on only, cab, walk). Landed at 8am and was on Transformers by 930am

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