How long for mini golf?

I heard Winter Summerland mini golf will be fun. DH, DS5, and I will be playing and I want to make sure we have enough time budgeted. How long does a round normally take? Two hours?

Depends on how fast you are and how fast the people in front of you are. I would say 2 hours, maybe a bit more.

Oh thanks!

Agreed, 2 hours is a good block. Highly recommend going at or after sunset. The sun on the mini golf course has fried us a few times – even with sunblock.

Bonus: They sell bottled beer there, ice cold!

I forgot to consider food and drinks. Thanks for info.

I suppose there’s a concession stand. What does it serve? Or is it better to eat dinner before?

At Fantasia Gardens there are some coolers near the rental counter. Ice cream and frozen treats, PowerAde and Fosters beer, soda, water. Might be a few standard WDW racks of candy / snacks, too (popcorn, bagged goodies).

So: Eat dinner before, to answer your question.

Thanks. Will do. :smile: