How long for lunch at BOG

We have a reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest for 11:05. We also have Fast Passes for Peter Pan’s Flight at 11:10. Do you think we will be able to finish lunch and make it to Peter Pan’s flight before our FPP expires?

BOG for us has taken about 50 - 60 minutes from getting on line to walking back out, So is possible but tight.

However, often CMs will let you through on a FPP up to 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the window, but that is CM discretion. Popular attractions might have CMs that offer less leeway than that, but I’ve no experience with trying to go to PP on the edge of a FPP window.

I think I would show up at PPF a few minutes early and ride that and then show up at BOG a few minutes late as it isn’t that far away. That way you aren’t racing through lunch


BOG has mobile ordering you could place your order ahead of time and be in and out sooner.

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If you are seated on time, you might make it. We are usually in and out–after being seated–in about 45 minutes. We always to the pre-order. I personally would push the FP about 15-20 minutes.

If you pre order can you use qs credit or does it have to be charged to a credit card?

Order online in advance! They will send you down a different line where you will get seated significantly faster. The best part…you can pay with dining credits, even if you order in advance. BOG isn’t like the other mobile ordering at quick services elsewhere. You place your order in advance, when you check in they confirm your pre-order, and then give you a rose to go put at your table. The servers will find you and bring you your food. We have done this twice and both times we were done in 40 minutes.

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am I missing something here or doesn’t a FP have a window of use of about one hour?

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I have read that you can be 5 minutes early or 15 past hour window of FP window. It will be tight but if you pre-order online I think you can make it. I have pre-ordered both on and off the DDP. If you don’t pre-order you are sent to another line before you are seated.

I have not tried this but I have heard the following on a podcast recently. What was said was that they will take you in the FP line if you can show you were late due to a meal on site.

Pre ordering at BOG is not the same as mobile ordering. You can do it from 30 days before to 30 minutes before your ADR, and pay when you get there by whatever method you choose.

Yes. The OP asked whether they could be in and out of BOG in a hour in order to make the end time of the FP.

FP 11:05 - 12:05

BOG: 11:10

Thanks everyone! Changing the FPP is not an option at this point, we won’t get another one. I have a reservation finder set up to see if we can get a better meal time.

If you pre-order lunch (which is easy to do) and you arrive a few minutes before your ADR, I think you will make it to your FP. The ride is close to the restaurant. You have until 12:25 since there is 15 minute grace period after your hour FP time frame.

Just to follow up, we ended up keeping our reservation, pre-ordered our meal, were able to eat it leisurely and made our FPP in plenty of time. I think this was because our meal reservation was so early. By the time we were leaving all of the lines to get in were much longer.